The current Mark Taper Forum production of Luis Valdez's play, Valley Of The Heart, by Center Theatre Group in LA, has won the hearts of the critics with its masterful writing and beautiful designs by John Iacovelli (sets), Lupe Valdez (costumes), Pablo Santiago (lighting), David Murakami (projection), and Philip G. Allen (sound).

Los Angeles theatre critic Sylvie Drake has praised Luis Valdez's new play, Valley Of The Heart, as well as its designs: "The physical environment is another matter. Valdez makes very effective use of kurogos, the traditional recessive figures, clad entirely in black from head to toe used in Kabuki Theatre to invisibly move people and things. David Murakami’s idyllic projections of a Santa Clara Valley in full bloom, and John Iacovelli’s gorgeous sliding Shoji screens, reflect the melding of the differing ancestries.” This production of Valley Of The Heart runs through December 9, 2018.

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